Departure dates



We fly from Amsterdam. You will receive instructions well in advance to book your flight, so that we can travel together as a group. A coach will meet us at Lisbon airport and take us to the hotel in Vila Nova de Milfontes. This journey takes approximately 2,5 hours.

Departure dates in 2018

There are plenty of opportunities in spring and atumn 2018. These are suitable for groups or individual walkers. Temperature ranges between 15 and 22 degrees. Excellent weather for walking. Our base is the cosy Hotel Social in Vila Nova de Milfontes and the affiliated Duna Parque apartment complex.

This holiday can be extended by a two-day trip to Mertola. This takes us on a walk through a former mining area on the Spanish border and then on a cruise on the Guadiana River up to the Algarve.  

On the day of our arrival, we will take a short walk around the neighbourhood. During the following days, we will do five or six walks. Choices are made by the day, depending on the tide and the weather. An afternoon of horse riding is another option. In the middle of the week, we will take a day of rest or just take a short walk. At least once on one of our walks, we will stop for lunch in a restaurant by the sea. A boat trip along the river may be on the schedule too. There is plenty of opportunity to stroll into the little village before or after dinner. At the end of the week, the coach will take us back to the airport in Lisbon or Faro.


Sunday 1 -4 until  8 -4  = Full
Sunday 15 - 4 until  22-4 = Full

Sunday 7 -10 until  14 - 10                                                                                                                                

Sunday 21-10 until 28 - 10

 Please contact me for more information.

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