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Rota VicentinaRota Vicentina

There are two routes, together covering more than 500 kilometres. The coastal route, called the Trilho dos Pescadores (or “Fisherman's Path”) and the countryside route, which is the Historical Trail.

We walk across steep cliffs and deserted beaches, ploughing our way through the loose sand, or climb the rocks with the deep blue sea to our right.

Below our feet, we see a softly changing magnificent display of colourful flowers: wild onions, carnations, snapdragons, rock rhododendrons and wild mimosa.

If we are lucky, we may see storks brooding on their nests on the cliffs above the ocean. We will be overcome by the scent of the hibiscus bushes along our path.

But we will also take walks into the countryside. Along winding footpaths, through eucalyptus woods with magnificent panoramic views. During one of our trips, we will follow the slightly descending route to the banks of the Mira river towards Odemira, a small provincial town. If we are really, really fortunate, we may spot the otters.

We walk in a small group of up to eight people.

The routes are chosen depending on the weather, the tide and the participants' fitness. The length of the walks varies between 10 and 20 kilometres.

Some start off directly from the hotel, for others our coach takes us to our starting point and brings us back afterwards. We take along a packed lunch. Occasionally, we will pass a nice restaurant where we can have lunch.

Walking areas

Trilho dos Pescadores is a 120 km long coastal route that runs along the Atlantic Ocean through the natural park Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina. This is a long coastal strip between Porto Covo and the southernmost part of Portugal: Cabo de São Vicente. These paths were originally used by fishermen and traders, but have recently been restored to promote tourism.

The Historical Trail is 230 kilometres long and runs through the countryside. We walk through an undulating landscape dotted with cork oaks and eucalyptus trees.

Villages, with their characteristic whitewashed houses and indigo blue lines, are few and far between.

Parque Natural do Vale do Guadiana

Form the village Minas de Sao Domingos we will discover this beautiful hiking area and we will visit the historic centre of Mertola.


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